Rehabs in South Africa

There are times where one on one therapy in a private facility is better than ad-hoc counsellor meetings. With a dedicated support facility like Recovery Direct, you are able to create a space in your life to get back onto the track.

Some of the best treatment centres in the world are based in South Africa. I know this as I have worked closely with the treatment team at Recovery Direct on a number of projects and their programme is unquestionably one of the best I have come across in my research.

The weak rand and high-quality care facilities are an attractive prospect for many visitors from Europe and the United Kingdom. Super luxury executive rehab centres that provide intensive one on one treatment from multidisciplinary teams are in the highest demand.

My work with Recovery Direct included a number of content research and management tasks for the online rehab programme and the relapse prevention project.

I authored the one-page recovery guide and a number of projects including the ACES Stop Abuse Campaign, Eating Disorders South Africa and South African Addiction Rehab where I collaborated with a number of therapists in South Africa including Abby Green, Vaughan Pankhurst and of course the registered counselling team at Recovery Direct.